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I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I get to enjoy a career designing and decorating interiors. I'm passionate about color, texture, and balance. I'm also a fan of functionality, mixed with uniqueness and whimsy. But most importantly, I want my clients to have a sense of home and happiness every time they walk in the door.

Ginger Raaka


When I realized that the only subject I really wanted to teach was art, I thought I'd better move on from elementary school teaching to something more creative. This ultimately led me down many professional paths from designing the interior of a local restaurant, to working for several museum stores doing merchandising, buying, window and ad display, as well as event design. And while consulting for several retail managers, I had the great opportunity to create a store for a museum in Washington D.C. and redesign another in Salt Lake City.

Some years later I moved to the bay area. For the first several years, I managed a furniture consignment store where I could use my creativity to design window displays and furniture vignettes. And eventually I had the great pleasure of working in commercial design in San Jose's Silicon Valley. Pivot Interiors was the top selling Herman Miller showroom in the nation.

Ultimately, I was drawn back home to San Diego. Even though I've spent most of my adult life here and have lived all over the county, I decided to try something new and moved to the downtown area. Moving to my condo here was one of the best decisions of my life and it's also where the best career I could ask for was born.


Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really love is ever out of style.

Billy Baldwin


Four of the projects I've completed recently show elements of transitional and contemporary design styles.

I love the visual energy that comes from the imperfect, the unexpected.

Victoria Hagan

Design Services

Consulting and decorating assistance with everything within your home or condo, including paint, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, window coverings, lighting, furniture and accessories.

Marty Shively

Ginger was the designer for my downtown condo remodel including paint color, window coverings, lighting, and furniture selection. Her work with all aspects of the remodel was excellent. She has an outstanding sense of color and contemporary design. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Caitlin Fahey

Ginger was able to add just the right amount of color and accessories to spice up my home without overwhelming my small space. She definitely kept my personal style in mind while executing her design, which meant I still felt right at home.

Frankie Hartwell

Ginger is incredibly talented. I have consulted with her many times for design help. Her sense of color and design are exciting to behold.

Nina Sabban

Ginger helped me with the choice of colors for painting my entire condo as well as with the remodel of my bathroom. She has great color sense, she is articulate, she is talented, her design abilities are fabulous, she listens, and she cares! PROJECT IS ONGOING - NEW FURNITURE NOW

Bradford Fox Builders

We have have worked with Ginger Raaka on several occasions and hope to continue our relationship far into the future. Her style is impeccable and detailed, especially when it comes to matching colors with the space and client.

Joe Gover

Ginger did an awesome job designing my downtown condo. I absolutely love the items she picked out and the placement of everything looks perfect! She was always there to answer any questions I had and was able to work around my schedule when I did have free time to go out and look for furniture.

Donna Fabbri

I have worked with Ginger for three years and find her to be very professional and experienced in her field. Her attention to detail, scheduling and clients' needs is impressive. We have worked on many jobs together in which she implements the design of bathrooms, kitchens, custom cabinetry and so much more. I would say her specialty is COLOR, She picks palettes that are personal to her client and understands what works well in a particular interior space. She will also shop for and arrange furniture, art, and accessories - in other words she works her MAGIC at the end of every project. Clients love that she listens. You would be very fortunate to work with her.

Judy Fahey

Ginger helped my pick out two love seats for my beach house. I know what I like, but i get overwhelmed with all the choices that are available. Lucky for me this is a piece of cake for Ginger. She took the stress out and put the fun in to shopping for the furniture. The fabric she chose tied the room together and I love it. Thank you Ginger.

Kraig Cavanaugh

Instructor of Color Theory at Design Institute of San Diego and Member of the International Association of Art Critics--United States. Ginger has one of the best eyes for design and color that I have ever had the privilege of instructing. Her achievements in my Color Theory class were beyond outstanding (I even consecrated one of her student practice projects as an artwork that I proudly display in my own home). She is savvy, smart, and has an exquisite eye for both color and design relationships. I wholeheartedly endorse her supreme talents as both a color consultant and interior designer.

Carolyne Simi

Ginger helped me choose the perfect colors to paint my Master bath and guest bathrooms. She has a keen designer's eye and an incredible sense of style. Thanks to her help, I found the perfect colors which I never would have been able to do on my own. Also, our condo building has enjoyed the most spectacular and elegant holiday decorations for the past few years, thanks to Ginger's expert advice and tireless contribution. The decorating process takes several days to complete and involves multiple rooms. It's a huge job. Her attention to detail and phenomenal design sense transforms our building into something you would expect to see in an upscale magazine. We're very lucky to have Ginger's deft touch every year.

Marlene Turrentine

When I purchased my condo, Ginger designed the interior of my entire unit. This included paint, complete kitchen and bathroom make-overs, new appliances and fixtures, flooring, lighting, window coverings, new contemporary fireplace, and built-in cabinets in the dining room, and both bedrooms. In addition, she furnished and accessorized all of it, keeping my preferences in mind. Not only does she have great taste, she's wonderful to work with. The touches of whimsy make me smile. She says she always likes to incorporate the unexpected. My condo is a joy to come home to.

Deborah Downing

My husband and I purchased a new home and asked Ginger to assist with furniture selection and remodel ideas. She has such an enthusiastic professional attitude, trying hard to match her expertise with our interests and tastes rather than only her own. Her (granite selection turned out to be perfect and her paint color ideas were exactly what we had hoped for. Her suggestions on furniture selection and placement not only were spot on, but also increased the utility of the house for entertainment of guests. We give her the highest marks and thank her for a job well done!

Andrew Kincaid

After purging most of my possessions and moving across the country to San Diego, I was ready to have a "grown up" place. I found Ginger through a family member of her's, and called her to help me. I'll admit, I was poisoned from watching too many decorating shows on TV. I thought I could leave my house for two days, and come home to it perfectly decorated. And love it! Ginger was quick to "readjust" my expectations and convinced me to be a part of the process. I reluctantly agreed, and we began the journey together. Ginger and I quickly came up with a layout for the loft space I was renting. We went shopping together a few times, and she sent me pictures of various items. Eventually, we had a plan and started making purchases. After everything came together, I could not believe what we had done. I had a co-worker over to my loft and he said, "This looks like a magazine!" After living like a college kid for most of my adult life, I finally felt like I had a nice "grown up" place, and was happy to have people see my place. Eventually, I decided to purchase a house in North Park. After telling Ginger this, she was worried my previous furniture and design wouldn't quite translate to a much smaller house. She insisted on measuring the new space before I made and offer, and I'm glad she did! We determined it would most likely work out. And it did! I think we were both pleasantly surprised how everything we did in the loft space translated to a house. I could not be more happy with the results. As a surprise twist in my story, my new home was filmed for a real estate TV show. You can imagine how proud I was to show off Ginger's designs! To this day, I try to keep my place in a "TV ready" state and, for the most part, I do. I never lived like this before. And I owe it all to Ginger. She changed my life! If you end up calling Ginger, let go of any preconceived notions, trust her, and trust the process. Be involved. If you're like me and never used an interior designer before, make the call right now. When I'm ready for a change in art or style, I will be calling Ginger!

Jeffery Wilson

We recently replaced our tired patio cover with a larger solid one to “bring the outdoors in”, but we were struggling with what to do under it. We wanted a comfortable and quiet retreat, but patio furniture, well…often looks like patio furniture!

Ginger worked with us to understand how we’d like to use our new room. She then suggested furnishings, colors and layouts that would complement and enhance the flow from the living room, kitchen and family room to the new outdoor living area. She was able to show us candidate tables, couches and chairs from various San Diego outlets ranging from budget-friendly to higher-end. Her sense of color and color combinations is outstanding, often tying things together with a bit of accent or ‘pop’. With Ginger’s help, we were able to quickly decide on our layout and then add the pieces to complete our new outdoor living room!

We also discussed ideas for improvements to the living and family rooms. Ginger brought many cool and different ideas to the table and we are very excited about getting started on the next phase!

Grace Leone

Ginger is very easy to work with. She is an expert on the best ideas on the use of color. She listens carefully and works hard to design and create a lovely environment that her clients will find comfortable in which they love to live.

Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.

Christina Murphy

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